Thursday, August 6, 2009

A narrative poem from spring 2005

This poem was written for an introductory level creative writing class in early 2005. I was 19 at the time. If I remember correctly the assignment given was to visit Boston's Museum of Fine Arts and compose a poem based on any one work present there. I was particularly struck by John Singleton Copley's painting, Watson And The Shark. Here is my poem of the same title:

How many times did I tell you young Watson?
We’re patiently awaiting the captain’s arrival.
But alas, you continued on and on:
a pestilence, incessant as the sailor’s itch itself…

Fine then, enjoy your swim, orphan boy.

I shall never forget the look in your eyes
at that dreadful discovery of deadly demise
approaching: horrifying surprise.
I assure you, our desperate screams onboard
echoed the sentiments of your cries.

But quicker than shifting tides
came the miracle winds of hope.
Reach for his hand, son. Grab the rope.
You shall not fall victim to that blackened throat.

And with the helping hands of fate,
good will, and faith in the maker’s strength,
may I be damned if you did not make your escape.

May the Lord curse these murky seas
and beasts that lurk within the deep.

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