Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ripped Genes Promo

Pet-store patron purchases unborn human fetus from avian shopkeep.
Swimming instrumentalists mix horns, strings and hormones.
Draughtsman seeks amphibious splice for erotic tryst.
Editor’s namesake awakens to smells of blood, rot, more blood.
Wolfboy’s hired hand lights path, but does he know the way?
Labor pains with explosive implications.
Half-terraformed planet’s native inhabitants cross the border.
Insurgents spring ally from DNA-hacking overlords.
Copycat comes to terms with surroundings and selves.
Spaghetti-slurping journalist learns true meaning of pharmacovigilance.
Guerilla clinic guinea pig invests big in immunity.
Anthropomorphism: a matter of profit vs. principle.
Enamored animal activist meets familiar face.

Previews of Ripped Genes stories, for the Morpheus Tales #18 online supplement.

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